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Sinopsis : This international seminar on Language Maintenance and Shift is a continuation of the previous national seminar on Pemertahanan Bahasa Nusantara (Maintenance of Languages in Indonesia) conducted by the Masterís Program in Linguistics, Diponegoro University in May 2010. We do hope that the seminar with this theme can become a yearly program of the Masterís Program in Linguistics, Diponegoro University, as we see that this topic still needs our serious attention due to the inevitable impact of globalization on the life of indigenous languages. We would like to thank the seminar committee for putting together the seminar that gave rise to this collection of papers. Thanks also go to the head and secretary of the Masterís Program in Linguistics Diponegoro University, without whom the seminar would not have been possible. The table of contents lists all the papers presented at the seminar. The first four papers are those presented by invited keynote speakers. They are Agus Dharma, Ph.D (Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa, Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional, Indonesia), Peter Suwarno, Ph.D (Arizona State University), Prof. Stephanus Djawanai, Ph.D. (Gadjah Mada University and University of Flores), and Herudjati Purwoko, Ph.D (Diponegoro University). In terms of the topic areas, there are 16 papers on language maintenance, 12 papers on bilingualism, 3 papers on language planning, 5 papers on language attitude, 6 papers on language learning, 2 papers on language and gender, 5 papers on language and culture, 7 papers on critical discourse analysis, 1 paper on scientific writing, 1 paper on stylistics, 4 papers on translation, 3 papers on phonology, 1 paper on morphology, 4 papers on syntax, and 2 papers on semantics.
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