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Nomor ID : 1526957828
Tanggal permohonan : Selasa, 22 Mei 2018
Nama terbitan : Indonesian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sinopsis : Three decades have passed by that Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has been existing in Indonesia. In this time many improvements in professional practice and education have been achieved . Indonesian physiatrists have been developing skills and knowledge regarding evidence-based medicine which is a standard of clinical practices. In line with that , many researches have been conducted all over our country especially in the educational centers of Indonesia. We are going to enrich and support other researchesí results conducted worldwide to strengthen evidences proofs by the internationally publication of Indonesian researches. Other country may have other characteristic of population which could be different in demography, common diseases and disabling causes. This will give us all a better world understanding so as to progress in a forward direction in our mutual researching. There is still many researches that are not widely published in Indonesia and this means a less participating evidence-based medicine in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation field. By this issue, we encourage colleagues to be willing to publish your learned works in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation field. This is an official journal of the Indonesian Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association . We are going to continue in publishing this journal to be called the Indonesian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. All articles are original articles which are from multi-center of residence training centers and hospitals. It consists of vary topics i.e neuromuscular, musculosceletal, pediatric, cardiorespiratory, geriatric, and sport injury. We are pleased to receive articles from all over the world including other disciplines as long as related to PM&R, and that meet the requirements listed on the inside rear cover.
Pengelola : Perhimpunan Besar Kedokteran Fisik dan Rehabilitasi Indonesia
Kontak : Dr. dr. Maria Regina Rachmawati, Sp.KFR
Jl. Cakalang Raya No. 28 A, Rawamangun, Jakarta 13220
» Tel / fax : (021) 478 66390 /
» Sampul depan [ bita ]
Penerbit : PB PERDOSRI
Frekwensi terbitan : 6 bulanan
Nomor ISSN : 2621-7678 (media online)
Keterangan : » Kategori kedokteran
» SK no. 0005.26217678/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2018.06 - 22 Juni 2018 (mulai edisi Vol. 8, No. 2, November 2018)
» No. ISSN terkait - 2252-8199

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