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Nomor ID : 1430921987
Tanggal permohonan : Rabu, 6 Mei 2015
Nama terbitan : INSTRUMENTASI (e-Journal)
Sinopsis : Instrumentasi is a scientific journal with high standard of papers that issued biannually by the Research Center for Metrology (Puslit KIM) LIPI in cooperation with the Association of Instrumentation Society of Indonesia (HiMII). In its first years, Instrumentasi was categorized as a semi-popular magazine in the field of measuring techniques and measuring instruments which has been rapidly improved towards modern technology, and consequently, upgraded to a unique scientific journal in its class. Further, it is also accredited by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). The scientific areas covered by Instrumentasi are those backboned by scientific measurements and thus range from instrument engineering, metrology, testing, and control. All papers submitted are refereed by bona fide reviewers from leading research institutions as well as universities prior to publication to keep their quality meet the standard of the journal. The review is carried out mainly on the basis of originality, novelty, and contribution to scientific measurement. Authors need to complete the ethical clearance form for publication. Papers may be submitted in either Indonesian or English. Titles, abstracts, and keywords, however, must be written in both languages for the purpose of indexing internationally. Papers written in English will be prioritized for publication when available space is limited.
Pengelola : Pusat Penelitian Metrologi
» http://jurnalinstrumentasi.metrologi.lipi.go.id
Kontak : Prof. Ir. Jimmy Pusaka, M.Sc.
Kompleks PUSPIPTEK Gedung 420, Tangerang Selatan, BANTEN- INDONESIA
» Tel / fax : +62 21 7560 533 psw 3095 /
» Sampul depan [ 427.284 bita ]
Penerbit : LIPI Press, Anggota IKAPI
» http://penerbit.lipi.go.id/
Frekwensi terbitan : 6 bulanan
Nomor ISSN : 2460-1462 (media online)
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» URL pendek : http://u.lipi.go.id/1430921987
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